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National Hackathon
24,25 February 2018

Theme for 2018:
Eradication of poverty

One of the most challenging problems that our nation is facing is poverty. We strongly feel that robust technological solutions can fight against poverty in the country, than anything else. we the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC) of Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology, Thrissur, Kerala, in association with Mozilla and Kerala Startup Mission, is organizing a National Hackathon on " Eradication of poverty".


This is a 26 hour contest. Contestants need to brainstorm and arrive at smart solutions for fighting corruption. You can participate individually or in a team of 3-5. The selected teams will be invited to build their ideas into reality. It can be a webapp/website, mobile app or a hardware prototype that you build at the offline event.

Participation Cost?

Participation fee of 1000 per team (3 to 5 member team)
Accommodation and food will be provided! No Individual registration needed.Team leader may book tickets, members can register their name on 24th at Hackathon venue.


9: 00 AM– Inauguration
9:15 AM- Pitching
9:45 AM- Tea and Snacks
10:00 AM- Hackathon starts
1:00 PM- Lunch
4:00 PM- Tea and Snacks
8:30 PM- Dinner

2:00 AM- Tea and Snacks
8: 00 AM– Breakfast
12:00 PM- Hackathon ends
12:45 PM- Lunch
1:30 PM- Presentation and evaluation
3:30- Result and validatory function

Prizes worth 50K
First prize: 30K
Second prize: 10K


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